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Fighting The Winter Blues, One Activity At a Time (Physical + Mental Health Related)

Don’t let the cold winter season take away your fierce and feminine spark. Despite Jack Frost covered everything with chilly shards of ice, there are many things you can do to ensure optimal health – physical, mental and spiritual. So, don’t start hibernating just yet, ladies. With these activities for fighting the winter blues, it’ll be springtime before you know it.

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Take Up Yoga

I know, I know; you’ve heard it a million times before – “You have to start doing yoga.”  The reason this is a common recommendation for a vast array of health concerns is because it works. Yoga is a powerful tool that can heal all kinds of physical, mental and emotional ailments, making it an effective way to keep the winter blues at bay. Muslim women, inspirational muslim women, hijabi, sister, muslimah, TED talks muslim, muslim TED talks, modern Muslim women, Modern muslimah, famous muslim athletes, winter blues,

In addition to keeping you active throughout the winter, yoga will also work as an exercise for your mind. As you breathe through each movement, you can alleviate stress, anxiety and tension that builds up during the winter season.


Meditate Daily

Like yoga, meditation is an excellent exercise for both your mind and body. It doesn’t have to involve spiritual chants or listening to soothing music; meditation can be anything you want it to be. You can do it standing up; sitting down; in silence; with chants; with silent thoughts; with incense; essential oils – you name it. That’s what makes it so unique and such a powerful tool for overcoming all emotional struggles; meditation is what you make of it. As long as you practice regularly and take the time to quiet the chatter in your mind, the benefits will follow.

If you’re new to meditation, there are plenty of guided meditation videos on Youtube that can help you embark on this new, calming journey.


Get In More Steps

With the popularity of activity trackers, you likely track your steps on a daily basis or at the very least, use your smartphone to track your activity. These little devices serve as a reminder of just how important regular activity is. You don’t have to run a mile or spend hours at the gym; you just have to keep moving.Muslim women, inspirational muslim women, hijabi, sister, muslimah, TED talks muslim, muslim TED talks, modern Muslim women, Modern muslimah, famous muslim athletes, winter blues,

If walking isn't your thing, take up a new sport. Try snowboarding like the snowboarding Muslimah, Mona Seraji or head to your local community center for a dip in the pool. There are all types of fitness hijabs that allow muslim women to get their fitness on in style!


Spend More Time Outdoors

While taking a walk during the winter season isn’t always an appealing option, getting outdoors is key to overcoming the winter blues. The breath of fresh air will give you a mental boost and a daily dose of natural sunlight will help eliminate those darker days. So, switch up your habits to get some fresh air into your day, such as walking to the mailbox instead of driving to it or getting out and enjoying seasonal activities.


Give Winter Activities a Chance

Speaking of the prior, partaking in seasonal activities is an effective way to keeping the winter blues at bay. It can be impossible to enjoy the winter season if you don’t find anything enjoyable about it. So, make it your goal to get outdoors and try something new. Pick up a pair of ice skates and channel your inner figure skating Muslimah, Zahra Lari; try some new winter sports or go tobogganing; build a snow fort or have a snowball fight with your friends.  


Count Your Blessings

Each and every night before you lay your head to rest, take a couple of minutes to go over the things you’re grateful for. Practicing gratitude has shown to have the ability to rewire your brain to find the positive in even the worst of situations. So, if it snowed so much that you had to shovel out your car, be thankful that you have a car; if it’s unbearably freezing cold outside, be thankful for having clothes on your back and a roof over your head.

These little reminders can make a drastic impact on how you thrive throughout the winter season.


Appreciate the winter for the unique scenery and fun activities it brings. Overcoming the winter blues starts with accepting the season. Add in a bit of conscious effort to maintain optimal health for both your mind and body, and you may even begin to love the season! It’s the power of a healthy mind.

For more tips for staying the powerful and positive modern Muslim woman that you are, even when the temperatures drop below zero, visit Sport Hijab. 

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