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Our mission is to provide North American Muslimahs access to a proven head covering alternative that can be safely worn for intense sporting, casual fitness, and work settings.
*Note: As of July 19, 2018, SportHijab.co will donate $1 USD off the total purchase price of every transaction to Islamic Relief USA via Pledgeling Foundation.
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SportHijab.co carries select Capsters® products with proven quality since 2001. Solid Dutch design in collaboration with Muslim women and manufactured with high quality sporting materials in Poland.

The result is a collection of premium sports hijabs that are constructed of light weight and breathable mesh material that keeps a woman's head cool while wicking away sweat during sporting or occupational pursuits.

The stylish colorways make it easy for muslimahs to complement traditional, casual, or athleisure outfit choices. 

Sporthijab.co is proud to endorse Capsters® which is a social enterprise that works together with muslim women and girls worldwide to develop the best sport hijab out there. Capsters® invented the sport hijab back in 1999 and has dominated the global market since 2001 with a large variety of designs, addressing specific needs in design, fit, material and color. Capsters® sport hijabs are produced in Europa and made of high quality fabrics manufactured in Europe with a fair price for everyone involved in the supply chain.
Sporthijab.co believes in the empowerment of women through sports and has supported role models to inspire women and girls to practice the sport they love!

Capsters® products are part of an internationally recognized social enterprise connected with the following:

Women Win Organization Supporter

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Capsters® supports Women Win, a global leader in girls’ empowerment through sport. Women Win leverage the power of play to help girls build leadership skills and become better equipped to exercise their rights. 

Empowering Women Through Sports

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Capsters® cooperates with Shirzanan Global to empower Muslim females world wide.

Capsters® Sports Hijabs featured in MOMA NYC Permanent Collections 

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Recognition from an internationally recognized cultural institution for good design used to address a cultural, social, and political issue. Capsters® has contributed to making hijabs a safe sport accessory. In addition, it lends the hijab a modern image that women can use for sporting as well as for professional and casual settings.